Now we can give our pets the best chance

at the longest, healthiest, happiest lives ever!

Our pets give us so much throughout their lifetimes and pet lovers all agree...our pets truly are another member of our families.


So what's the best way we can give back to our pets?

Many pets have some type of ailment or challenges that they aren't able to verbalize to us. We all want to make sure we address these things sooner rather than later to end any pain, discomfort or before any issues develop into something long term or worse. That's not to mention very expensive visits to the Veterinarian.  


Pets are completely dependent on us their entire lives. PawTree has created the best way to give back to them by helping them to live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible for us to share with them!


If you have a pet or pets that suffer from allergies, joint pain, anxiety or any of the more than 50 known ailments...WE CAN HELP.


Hear from the vets and then...hear from the pets (TV commercial)

Why pawTree? Our products translate into savings for you!

With no fillers or by-products, our nutritionally-dense food is rich in named-animal proteins and antioxidants, providing

the pure, natural nutrition your pets need. As a result, you'll feed less per day than other pet food. Our holistic approach to pet nutrition allows your pets to thrive, not just survive. This preventative measure helps you to avoid costly vet visits.


DID YOU KNOW...many pet ailments have been traced back to store bought petfood?


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Here's a little "petucation" on what we do: 

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Our pet plan isn't just a couple things thrown together...we include everything!

We have a very simple, easy to follow plan that any pet lover can do. 

  • Pet Profile - It all starts by answering a list of simple questions so we can design a plan specific to your pet's needs. This can be life-changing for both your pet and you and it only takes a minute!

  • A designed plan for your pets - Years of research & testing with an entire team of top vets and PHD's in pet science & nutrition have gone into creating the ultimate pet specific plan, designed for a pets individual needs. 

  • Pet Parent "Petucation" - You'll get a complete breakdown of not only what's the best diet specific to your pet(s), but ongoing tips and training from the top experts in the industry. 

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all purchases - If you're not completely satisfied with the results you see with our pawTree product line and services, you may receive a full refund. 

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* Our company has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for 8 straight years!!

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Pet grooming

Whether it be the closest pet groomer or a mobile grooming service, we've got you covered!

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