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My Story

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Pet Lovers Dream Site

Kellen Burgos - Founder

Pictured with Harvey & Hanna

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This is a true story about pets, passion and perseverance. I am from a long line of pet and nature lovers. I have been very connected to animals and nature since I could walk. So much so that my parents were absolutely convinced I would become a Veterinarian. I brought home every stray dog, cat, birds that fell out of trees, frogs, turtles, snakes, you name it. I was often times mending them in some fashion and of course begging to keep them. I won't even go into the story about how I got called home from school at 9 years old because my pet alligator got out. So my parents nurtured that, probably knowing they weren't going to change it. Eventually I raised all kinds of animals, now for over 50 years. All of my dogs lived happy, healthy lives of 14 - 16 years and my little girl "Hanna" (Cat - pictured), lived to be 22 yrs old. It was heartbreaking to lose her but at the same time, filled with love and beautiful memories, remembering she did live such a full and happy life.

Throughout the years, I've listened to so many people express how strongly they feel about their pets and how they are just as much part of the family as anyone else. They would talk about how much joy they bring them and how they have even helped them get through some of their toughest times in life. 

This site, this project, is one I've been planning for many years, inspired by all of those stories and my own pet children. This is a project of passion and a dedication to the amazing world of pets and their "pet parents". 

Paw prints with trans background - image 4.png
Paw prints with trans background - image 4.png
Paw prints with trans background - image 4.png
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