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Your pawTree

It's no secret, one of your most valuable and effective tools in building your business is knowledge. The good news is, you have a WHOLE TEAM of experts to handle that part until you're ready. Whether it be doing a 3-way call or meeting with a prospect in person, zoom meetings & Webinars, we have some of the very best in the company to help you on our team. Then, we have the amazing pawTree University for your ongoing education for you to grow at your own pace.





How big is the Pet Industry? The pet industry has doubled just within the last year (2020 - 2021) to over 100 billion per year, surpassing many top industries including: weight management/weight-loss, skin care, vitamins & dietary supplements, beauty and personal care. 



  • How long has pawTree been in business? PawTree for 8 years as of 2021.

  • Where is the company based? PawTree is located in Southlake, TX

  • Who is the Founder of pawTree? Roger Morgan

  • What is Roger Morgan's background? Roger has nearly 20 years in the Pet Food, Pet Nutrition industry.

  • Why pawTree? Being a pet lover himself, Roger saw all of the shortcuts and faults of the pet food industry that was sacrificing the overall health of pets for increased profits. That's how the idea for pawTree was born. Roger became a "man on a mission" to create a health & nutrition product line customized to our pets. 


The pawTree product line is of course what makes all of this possible. If you read the amazing story about our founder Roger Morgan, You'll find not only a true pet lover but a man with great integrity that had a vision of direction that the pet industry needed to go. Just as the science of health and well being has moved forward for human beings, the same needed to happen with pets. 

  • What makes the pawTree product line so special? With great research, time, effort and investment, pawTree has created a product line for pet that not only helps our 4-legged children live the longest, healthiest lives possible, pawtree also incorporates very specific products and plans to each individual dog or cat based on their needs and or health issues with plans that are specific to more than 50 known ailments and issues. 

  • Is the pawTree product line a lot more expensive than other product lines or store bought food? Actually the pawTree product line ends up saving money for pet owners in more ways than one. First, the food itself it much more nutritionally dense so pets eat and need less in terms of quantity. Second, the pawTree diet can enhance pets health dramatically, therefore dramatically cutting down or even eliminating vet visits. 




Are there people making good incomes with pawTree? Absolutely, there are several 6 figure income earners and even some multiple-six figure income earners along with a lot of people that have built some very nice residual incomes working the business both FT & PT. 

Is this strictly retail or a MLM opportunity? Unlike a lot of companies and opportunities out there, with pawTree there are people making significant incomes just retailing the product line, others are targeting businesses in the Pet Services industry to take on the pawTree product line, some are networking, building a team of pawTree Pet Pros to multiply their income and efforts and others are doing all of the above. 

What type of compensation plan is there and how do we get paid?

Retail: Commission levels are from 25% up to 35% - for 25% you only have to have $100 in volume which is 2-3 customers. $400 volume or more would put you at 35% (very attainable and one of the highest in the industry)


Targeting Pet Industry businesses: This is a great market because they already have a built in customer base that trust them. They get set up as a Pet Pro like everyone else and what Pet Industry business owners love is, they don't have to carry any inventory, they simply direct their customers to they're own pawTree website. They make great additional passive, residual income with little effort on their part and you receive overrides on all of their volume. 

Team building: Even though there are plenty of Pet Pros making great incomes retailing the pawTree product line, building a team of Pet Pros that multiply your efforts is where the really big incomes can happen. 




Our team effort and plan starts with exceptional people and it's why we're the #1 team in the company.

How does someone who comes on board as a new Pet Pro and successfully build this business?

First, we need to determine which area(s) of the industry you'd like to target, which could be any or all of the following:

  • Retailing to build a customer base for residual income (online or offline),

  • Targeting Pet Service related businesses who come on board as Pet Pros to add the pawTree product line for an additional stream of income

  • Recruiting new Pet Pros to create and team and build that team with the  networking marketing structure that is in place with pawTree

  • All of the above to build your business on a much grander scale overall

We have a specific path and plan in place for all of the above. It starts with utilizing all of the information and tools like the customized ads, capture pages, landing pages and follow-up that brought you here along with a complete plan of action you can access right here on our team site. 

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