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FINALLY,  a business model that is the perfect blend of great income potential, passion & fun!

THE INDUSTRY TREND: The Pet Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world nearly doubling in the last year to over 100 billion!!

This is a very powerful and proven business model that can realistically create what we all strive for...A 6 FIGURE INCOME & RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE!

SEVERAL WAYS TO GENERATE INCOME: Not only are many Pet Pros generating thousands per month just retailing the pawTree product line, some are having great success targeting pet service related businesses, some are building a team of Pet Pros for long-term residual income while others are doing all of the above!


NOT JUST A "PET PROJECT" - THIS IS PERSONAL: There are few things that people care more about than their pets. This is not only an amazing opportunity, this becomes a project of passion which is truly a life-changing experience for entrepreneurs, pets and their pet parents. 

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The first thing you need to do is hear it from our founder, vets & the pets...

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This business has generated many six-figure and even some multiple six-figure income earners PLUS...a whole lot of other people making some really nice income by way of the following:

  • Retail Profits - pet owners (auto-ship)

  • Overrides on pet related businesses

  • Overrides on Pet Pro team members

  • A FastTrac Plan to your first $2000

  • FREE sample program for customers 

  • Easily earn pawTrip points for travel

  • Easily earn free food for your pets

  • Perfect timing - exploding industry

  • A recession proof business & industry

  • Outstanding site/system for building

  • Fastest growing company in the industry

  • Maintained A+ rating with BBB for 8 yrs

  • Ultimate team support 7 days per week

  • Custom design ads, capture pages & more

  • We generate leads for serious individuals

 With a nearly 90% customer retention has

become a reality to build true, long term, residual income!

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pawTree testimonials - The proof:

It's awe-inspiring to see the amount of testimonials from an endless list of customers and the amazing results their pets are experiencing with the pawTree productline - It's truly LIFECHANGING for both pets and pet parents.


For testimonials: click here

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 Mike & Barb

"Ebony" below:

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Our Journey With Pets

We are animal lovers and are fortunate to have experienced the joy of being pet parents for many years.  Our furry friends are more than special to us and we make them a priority.  Helping others have happy, healthy pets is very important to us.

Our journey has led us to what we feel to be the most significant company in the world of pets.  All natural health solutions is their priority and the contributions they are making are unmatched in the industry.

We are experienced business builders, and have helped many people have their own successful home business.  Pawtree has allowed us to bring our passion of helping people and their pets together in a very special way.


Everyone loves pictures, videos and stories that bring a smile to your face. We invite you to visit our site to join in the fun.  Please send us your favorite pet pictures, videos and stories and we will share.

Thank you for inquiring for more information and we look forward to speaking with you.  Together we can build a successful future for our families and our pets.

Pet Regards,


Michael Dew
Barbara Bender
pawTree PetPros
Independent Representatives

941 822-9800

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