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FINALLY,  a business model that is the perfect blend of great income potential, passion & fun!

THE INDUSTRY TREND: The Pet Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world nearly doubling in the last year to over 100 billion!!

This is a very powerful and proven business model that can realistically create what we all strive for...A 6 FIGURE INCOME & RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE!

SEVERAL WAYS TO GENERATE INCOME: Not only are many Pet Pros generating thousands per month just retailing the pawTree product line, some are having great success targeting pet service related businesses, some are building a team of Pet Pros for long-term residual income while others are doing all of the above!


NOT JUST A "PET PROJECT" - THIS IS PERSONAL: There are few things that people care more about than their pets. This is not only an amazing opportunity, this becomes a project of passion which is truly a life-changing experience for entrepreneurs, pets and their pet parents. 

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The first thing you need to do is hear it from our founder, vets & the pets...

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This business has generated many six-figure and even some multiple six-figure income earners PLUS...a whole lot of other people making some really nice income by way of the following:

  • Retail Profits - pet owners (auto-ship)

  • Overrides on pet related businesses

  • Overrides on Pet Pro team members

  • A FastTrac Plan to your first $2000

  • FREE sample program for customers 

  • Easily earn pawTrip points for travel

  • Easily earn free food for your pets

  • Perfect timing - exploding industry

  • A recession proof business & industry

  • Outstanding site/system for building

  • Fastest growing company in the industry

  • Maintained A+ rating with BBB for 8 yrs

  • Ultimate team support 7 days per week

  • Custom design ads, capture pages & more

  • We generate leads for serious individuals

 With a nearly 90% customer retention has

become a reality to build true, long term, residual income!

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pawTree testimonials - The proof:

It's awe-inspiring to see the amount of testimonials from an endless list of customers and the amazing results their pets are experiencing with the pawTree productline - It's truly LIFECHANGING for both pets and pet parents.


For testimonials: click here

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 Kellen Burgos


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My Story

This is a true story about pets, passion and perseverance. I am from a long line of pet and nature lovers. I have been very connected to animals and nature since I could walk. So much so that my parents were absolutely convinced I would become a Veterinarian. I brought home every stray dog, cat, birds that fell out of trees, frogs, turtles, snakes, you name it. I was often times mending them in some fashion and of course begging to keep them. I won't even go into the story about how I got called home from school at 9 years old because my alligator got out. So my parents nurtured that, probably knowing they weren't going to change it. Eventually I raised all kinds of animals, now for over 50 years. All of my dogs lived happy, healthy lives of 14 - 16 years and my little girl "Hanna" (Cat - pictured),

lived to be 22 yrs old. It was heartbreaking to lose her but at the same time, filled with joy and love knowing she did live such a full and happy life. 

This site, this project, is one I've been planning for a long time. I just had to find the right vehicle and company - I have found that in pawTree. PawTree has been that and so much more. I've analyzed businesses for more than 35 years and pawTree is one of the most impressive companies I have seen to date. What they do and how they do it is head and shoulders above the rest. This is a company with a heart, a company that you can count on to build that long-term relationship and retirement income while enjoying what you do, every day. 

What we do for you:

I also want to let you know that for over 35 years, I've been in the business of helping people become successful. I use those same skills to help my pawTree business partners who come on board with everything including creating a capture page and landing just like the one that you're on now, marketing, advertising, lead generation and more! We have the #1 team in the company!

Questions, feel free to contact me anytime:

Kellen Burgos - Senior Pet Pro

(608) 304-8995

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