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The pawTree Compensation Plan

pawTree provides options that you won't find with most companies, opportunities out there...OPTIONS. 

There are Pet Pros that are making six-figure incomes and a whole lot of other people making very nice incomes by way of each of the following:

  • Retailing the pawTree product line 

  • Overrides on Pet Services that retail the product line

  • Building a team of Pet Pros through the comp plan



                - PLUS - 

  • Earn FREE FOOD for you pets!

  • Earn pawTrip points for travel! 

FIRST, let's look at a starting point and goal with our Fast Trac Plan 

to $2000. For a pdf overview: Click here

For a more detailed overview of the pawTree compensation plan, watch the video below with pawTree Director of Sales Melissa Davis. 

pawTree Director of sales - Melissa Davis.png
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