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Are animals, our pets, telepathic? Can we tap into that for better communication with our pets?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

There are many that would say we already communicate on a telepathic leve with our pest and don't even realize it. In many cases, it may be them communicating with us. There is a long history on the subject of telepathy in general in fact, most people aren't aware that if you research the subject of telepathy, there have been special programs in government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, KGB and the military for decades. With animals, countless tests have proven that telepathy is one of their main methods of communication.

There are even schools that teach animal telepathy. IT'S TRUE, they have actually been around for many years.

How an Animal Communicator use Animal Telepathy

An Animal Communicator has a two-way conversation with your pet in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, words and feelings from any species of animal life. Animals use these methods because it is more effective than just words. (Humans do the same thing unconsciously - when we think about something, we often see images and have feelings connected with what we're thinking or talking about.) Using that animal telepathy that all animals use to communicate, the communicator taps into the same "channel" for an actual conversation.

Questions asked often include: How do you feel? Do you like your food? How were you injured? What were you experiencing when this happened to you? Where does it hurt? Do you like your bedding/ kennel or stables? Animals can even be asked if they are ready to cross over (euthanasia) and if they would like to return to their pet parent/family? Professionally trained communicators will help guide you through the session during difficult situations.

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