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Like humans, pets are living longer, healthier lives. What can we do to ensure ours do??

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We are in an amazing time regarding the evolution of science, health & wellness. People aren't just living longer, they're living better, healthier, often times into their 70's, 80's and even 90's. We've started to make that turn with pets as well. Pets have truly become family members but we outlive them by so much, it's very difficult, heartbreaking. It's like losing a child. So what can we do to ensure our pets live out the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible so they can be with us as long as possible? For starters, we need to simply pay more attention to them. Did you know that with humans one of the main causes of shorting a lifespan is loneliness? There's a somewhat staggering statistic regarding long term relationships and how many people die within a year and a half of their spouse. Then there are those who live alone or their in a facility that's no longer with family. They go down hill very fast. Why? The obvious answer is, their spirit dies inside and the rest follows. They simply feel the no longer have a reason to live. With pets, the same thing happens if they're not give the proper love and attention. With pets, it's even harder because they're totally dependent on their pet parents...YOU. Sadly, pets are often times thought of as these creatures or things that are their to make us feel good, to enjoy or give them attention when it's convenient to us. They have very similar thoughts and feeling to humans yet they can't verbalize it to us. We know they get sad and lonely, we often times choose to ignore it. To improve on that is simple. Just acknowledging them more often, talking to them, making sure their needs are met. If their left kenneled all day or home alone, a pet brother or sister can make a world of difference. Is two harder than one? In some ways, it's actually easier and certainly better. Like human children, if you set the rules and standards with one, the other will follow. Keeping each other company is absolutely invaluable.

The following are some great point of reference articles on the subject of pets living longer and what we can do to help our pets, live longer, healthier, happier lives:

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