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pawTree Team Site 

Getting started, your path to success and your support system

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  • OUR MISSION: The #1 goal is to create a systematic plan of action and support system unlike anything in the home business industry.

  • It all starts with SIMPLICITY, a step-by-step process that allows everyone to get started and get their business up an running as quickly as possible. You will have the guidance of your leaders to help you while you learn everything there is to know about pawTree, the company, the productline and how to become successful to the highest levels.

  • FOLLOW THE STEPS OUTLINED HERE, utilize all the FREE TOOLS that have been tested and designed for your success and most of all...UTILIZE YOUR TEAM LEADERS to help get off on the right foot or paw, to ensure your success. 

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GET ORGANIZED: sites, links, etc.


  • Like any business, being organized is one the first and most important elements to success. 

  • You received an email once you signed up (pictured). One of THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEPS is making sure you star or save this email so you can easily find it. 

  • That email has your pawTree ID #, your sitelinks, all the links to pawTree back office, your sponsors details, pawTree University, fast start guide and more. This will be your quick-reference go to email for all of the above.

  • At the same time, you should have gotten an email for your first COUPON CODE for your FREE dog or cat food!

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pawTree University training & websites


  • Here's a  BIG STATEMENT for you...One of the very best features of this business is the pawTree University Training in your back office. This is hands-down one of the best training systems of any company in the home business industry. It's all broken down into training modules of everything you would ever want to need to know about this business, this industry and exactly what you need to do to achieve the highest level of success. 

  • AS A TEAM, we incorporate our own special marketing methods on the front end but pawTree University provides you everything you need to take your business to a whole new level.

  • MAKE IT A DAILY PRACTICE to learn more about your company, product line and your business. 

  • Login to your back office & training: click here

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Exclusive marketing/advertising edge:


Although pawtree has so many great tools in place for you to succeed, we take that to the next level to ensure your success with the following customized tools:

  • Customized Ads

  • Customized capture pages

  • Customized Landing pages

  • Special FREE advertising methods & resources

  • Co-op advertising for very low investment

  • Leads passed on to serious new team members

For FREE Facebook Business Group advertising step-by-step method: click here

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Team zoom meeting & company webinars:



  • Introducing serious prospects to the team

  • Q & A for new prospects or new team members

  • Discuss strategies

  • Pass on new developments within the team or company


  • Opportunity overview for new Pet Pros

  • Updates on anything new - company and product line

For company opportunity overview (zoom) schedule:


Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 7:30 CST


The link :

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Getting started - the proven process:


This is the absolute proven formula for success that has created multiple six-figure earners. It's a path of SIMPLICITY that anyone can follow because it's a TEAM EFFORT. 

You can focus on any of the 3 WAYS TO GENERATE INCOME with pawTree or ALL THREE!

  • RETAILING the pawTree productline 

  • COMMISSION OVERRIDES on pet related business

  • COMMISSION OVERRIDES on pawTree team members

​1) Get  set up to get started by having all of your links and information handy including:

  • Your site links

  • Your upline contact info

  • Your quick reference Q & A

2) Send an email and/or text follow-up with your new prospect inquiries. Set up a time for a initial call to discuss the opportunity and business.

3) Call prospect at scheduled time: Cover main points and questions for prospects. Set up a 3-way call with expert upline Pet Pro team member. If you're not comfortable making the initial call on your own, the first call can be with your upline Pet Pro expert. 

4) Make sure your new prospect has all the information necessary to get started as a Pet Pro and or customer.

Follow-up (message) phone, email or text: click here

Follow-up live call with prospects: click here

List of basic Q & A for new prospects: click here

For a pdf outline of this process: click here


For a pdf overview of the FastStart to $2000 and a

Video overview of compensation plan: click here

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